Eye Surgery Program

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The Eye Surgery Program was created more than 40 years ago to help financially needy South Carolinians receive eye surgery or limited treatments they need but cannot afford. Qualified applicants receive quality medical treatment with dignity, remedy confidentiality and compassion.

The South Carolina Lions Charitable Services (SCLCS) allocates funds each year for this program. The Lions staff secures financial and personal health information from applicants referred to the program from across the state. Each case is thoroughly examined and weighed against established qualifications and guidelines. Every year, the program is able to help people from all parts of the state and from all age groups.

Our staff works hard to make the best use of its funds. Thanks to the generosity of doctors and hospitals across the state, SCLCS pays for services at special negotiated rates for each procedure we sponsor. This allows us to help many more people each year.

The Health Services Program does not consider applications for assistance with eyeglasses, contact lenses, or Lasik surgeries.

How to Access This Program

Individuals calling the SCLCS Office for surgical assistance will be referred to their local Lions Club Sight Conservation Chairperson to begin the application process.

  1. The Sight Chairperson will confirm that the applicant has been under the care of an ophthalmologist and has been recommended for surgery.
  2. If the Sight Chair believes the applicant meets the criteria, the sponsoring Lions Club will submit a "Eye Surgery Referral Form" to SCLCS to begin the financial screening process.
  3. SCLCS will provide the client with all applications and forms and will complete the screening of all documents.
  4. Regardless of the outcome, the applicant and the Sight Chair will be notified in writing of SCLCS's decision and the next step for them to take, if approved.
  5. All charges are reimbursed according to our SCLCS Fee Schedule. All invoices should be directed to the SCLCS Contact for payment if approved.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility for this program requires that applicants be uninsured, does not qualify for assistance through any other State, Federal or Social Agency and must meet income qualifications and guidelines. All Health Services programs are on a "first come" basis and all funds for this program are directly through charitable gifts. Should funds be depleted before the application process is completed you may be put on a waiting list.